Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Daylight savings...

How bout this for a bumper sticker; "I turned my clocks back and all I got were these bags under my eyes!" I know the saying goes that you are supposed to gain an hour of sleep when you "fall" back, try telling that to a 4 month old. Delia now thinks that 5:00 am is the new 6:00 am!! Ahh, that makes for a grouchy, cranky, sleepy mommy! :o) She wakes up for the day, ain't no feeding her and putting her back to bed. Then like clock work at about 6:00 am she gets sleepy, just in time for the two other to munchkins to be getting up. We are a Happy Family (as Claire starts throwing a hissy fit)!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


So last night was our long awaited, well kept secret from March, little rendezvous to Hale Center Theater's Into the Woods. Oh my goodness, it was AMAZING! I was told by all who have attended there in the past that because it was a theater in the round, there were no bad seats. Well that my be true, but obviously there are some seats that are bound to be better than others. With that said, I dare say that we had some of the BEST seats in the house!! Curtain 2, Row 1 seats C&D! Yes that is right, this early March ticket purchasing bird, had bought FRONT row seats...and had forgotten that she did until Jason mentioned it upon picking up the tickets at will call. (go ME!!)

The set was awesome! I had no idea how amazing they could dress a stage/theater. Leaves, vines, trees surrounding you. The center stage rotated in two directions giving the illusion that the caracters were walking miles into the woods. The stage also raised and lowered, hiding and revealing the casts. A tower rose over on one side to house Repunzel, and a beanstalk grew on the other for Jack's adventure. AWESOME, truly it was! The cast was fantastic. Well played, amazing voices. Repunzel's prince was HILL-AR-IOUS!!!! A true actor whose facial expressions could have told his part without the use of his incredible voice. The witch was so spookily dressed, quite creepy, complete with the crooked nose and pronounced chin. Red riding hood, played the part so well and had the facial expressions that tied the prince for 1st place. I used all the power within to contain myself to my seat and resist the incredible urge to join them on stage and sing with them. Very fun and thariputic for me, but quite scary for the other paying theater goers. You see I am no "closet" fan of Into the Woods. I saw the VHS (hee hee) recording of the broadway preformance back in 7th grade English with Miss...oh her name just left me. I loved it, LOVED it, LOVED IT!! When I was at Ricks, now known as BYU Idaho, I wisely joind BMG (a cd purchasing club). I happened upon the orginal broadway soundtrack of it and could not resist the temptation, I had to have it for my own listening pleasure.

Over the years I would BLARE the cd throughout the house, singing with all restraints let loose, actions included. A true performance enjoyed by all...Lorenzo, Claire and of course Me playing the parts of narator, Cinderella, the baker, his wife, Jack etc...I must admit that over the last 17 years since first watching the musical at school, I have unknowingly ommitted a good part of the performance. You see, the dialogue was not a part of the soundtrack. When I secured the tickets, I was basing the 7:30 pm showing on a 1 1/2 hour performance (the run time of the cd) and thought we would be out at 9:00 pm and home between 9:30 - 10:00pm. Oops, my bad. We got out at 10:30 pm and home by 11:15 pm (including the 15 minutes it took to just get out of the parking lot!) Our babysitter Sadie was a trooper! Luckily all three kids were angels (cup hands together and insert ahhhhh here!)

I seriously could go on and on about the night and the performance, but I won't. Just if you do happen upon the chance to see this show, take the opportunity. If you happen to walk by my home and witness me skipping and singing off key through my home, please resist the urge to stare and laugh, just walk away...I'm simply starring in my own production of Into the Woods, and tickets are NOT available at the door! :o)

Saturday, November 1, 2008


I just noticed that a couple of new posts got bumped to "older posts" apparently I over blogged last night and prematurely aged some posts. I altered my settings and now they are back on the front page. I'm so nice :o) Make sure you scroll down and see "Halloween Day" and "4 months and counting!"

Shhhh do you hear that???

Oh yeah, It's Christmas music on the radio!! Is there a better sound than that? I think not! So I will take this opportunity to change my backgroud, yet again...enjoy!