Friday, May 2, 2008

Final outcome of haircut!

Okay, so I didn't keep my promise of no more snipping!! This is now how my hair looks, this time I really do think I'm done! ;o)

Spring Cleaning!

Jason had a four day weekend and so we were able to get some Spring Cleaning and backyard repairing done! We decided to go ahead and get Jason an early Father's Day present of an edger! Wow, what a difference it makes with the lawn. The kids had fun helping clean out the garage, and except for the headboard I need to black, the garage is ready for me to park in. The yard is coming along, but it still has plenty for us to do in it, boy was it neglected!!

T-ball Opening Ceremony

April 26th was the Opening Ceremony for the Babe Ruth league. Lorenzo got to get all dressed up in his T-ball uniform and go out on the field with his team. Here's to a fun season!!

Field Trip to Wheeler Farm

Kindergarten Field Trip to Wheeler Farm:

On April 18th all the kindergarteners went on a field trip to Wheeler Farm. I went along to help out and ended up being in charge of a group of 5 CRAZY BOYS!! Part of me feels like Lorenzo's teacher was giving me a small dose of the medicine she takes on a daily basis with Lorenzo!! :o) We had a great time, although the buses were almost an hour late due to the fact that they sat at the WRONG school waiting for us. It was unclear wether the kids were more excited to go to the farm or ride the BUS! We got to feed the ducks, see all the animals, take a tour of the farm house and have a tractor ride. It was a great time for all!