Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Here I am!

After much anticipation, I'm back. I have great news; tonight I finished my last Christmas card of 250 that I have made in the last 3 weeks for the Pumpkin Walk. I still have some misc. cards that I will be making and selling individually, but my necessary cards are complete! (doing the happy dance!!) And more great news, I beat my sinus infection with only doing my nasal rinses, yeah no antibiotics needed!! Bear with me here, you are about to enter my week in review. If you don't have 10 minutes on your hands to catch up with me, you may want to check back later! :o)


Boy what a cold, dreary day it was on Saturday. It was 61 in the house that morning. He set up the space heater to warm up the family room and it sure did work!

Jason and Lorenzo started off conference weekend by taking our ward's turn to clean our church. They were in a class room cleaning when Renzo saw pictures of the First Presidency on the wall and point and said "That is President Hinckley." Then a little while later they were down the hall of the other ward's bishopric. My brother David and brother-in-law Greg are in the bishopric in that ward. Renzo was looking at pictures on their bulletin board pointed to a picture of David and said, "Hey, he is not a president; he is just a silly guy that can take his thumb off!" So now we know that having the ability to take your thumb off is not as important as being president of the church!

It was so nice having a stay at home day; the kids really enjoyed it too. Jason and Lorenzo played The Game of Life, and Lorenzo stomped Jason. Lorenzo ended up with $1.165 million dollars, twin boy & girl and then another boy, Jason had $620,000 and had boy, girl, boy, boy. Lorenzo, a millionaire at age 5, top that one Bill Gates!! :o)

I spent the day...can you guess??...making cards!! I always am able to pay attention better when I have something hands on to do while listening to conference. I was touch most by the talks from the Elder that spoke before Elder Holland, Sister Beck and Elder Eyring.

It was really cute. Claire would lead the music during conference. I got a few pictures of it; I just wished our camera wasn't on the fritz. It seems like whenever I get a cute shot ready to go, it loses focus and then I have to wait for it to refocus and then the shot is gone! Phooey on it!


Monday was to start of red ribbon week. Lorenzo got a cool drug free red and purple bracelet to remind him to be drug free. He was a bit confused and thought anything that was "unhealthy" was a drug. He told me that his teacher said he couldn't have any of our candy corns because he was drug free. I had to explain a little more what drugs were, I think he gets it a little better now. He and Claire decorated the pine tree outside with berries for the Red Ribbon Festival they were planning.

Renzo also learned about Christopher Columbus on Monday. He told me he was a discoverer and had 3 boats. He remembered the Santa Maria and with a bit of coaxing he recalled the Nina and Pinta too. He is such a smarty pants.

I do kid swapping with my sister-in-law Stacey. I watch Timmy and Sabrina on Monday mornings while she volunteers at school. She in turn watches Claire on Tuesdays while I either clean Pat Treadway's house or volunteer in Renzo's class.


Here we are back to TODAY! Claire played at Timmy's while I helped in the Math center in Renzo's class. Wow, kindergarten teachers have so much PATIENCE! I do really great with other peoples little kids, but I couldn't do it all day everyday. I loved being in the Primary, but that was only for a couple hours once a week. Hats off the teachers!

Well there you have it. You are now updated! I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but I can always blog that another day.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

whoopsy Wednesday

So I feel bad. I found out this afternoon that TODAY was the schoolwide walk to school day with a "lite breakfast" at Parker's Park. I totally thought it was next week and Lorenzo was so disappointed that we missed it. My brain has been in card making mode and I have become quite spacey lately.

The kids and I went to Cub Scouts today. We had Bro. Reid come and talk about scouts back in his day, we then scrapbooked pictures from their day camp this past summer. Boy those boys are EXHAUSTING!! Lorenzo sure loves being around all the boys.

Sorry nothing more exciting happened, but as they say- no news is good news.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Typical Tuesday!

Today I surprised Lorenzo by picking up his friend Preston from the old neighborhood after cleaning Pat Treadways house. I didn't tell Lorenzo he was coming over, so Preston hid in the backseat of the van when we picked Lorenzo up from school. It was really cute, when Lorenzo opened the van door Preston popped up and said, "Surprise!" Lorenzo said "Oh, Preston what are you doing here?" What a funny little boy he is.

Lorenzo, Preston Johnson and Claire having lunch.

Claire loves her babies. She often suggests that we go to the store and buy a real baby.
If it was only that easy! :o)

What a scary velosorapter !

Lorenzo got to check out a book from the school library and was so proud of himself. It was a book about dinosaurs, and he was so willing to demonstrate them for the camera. He actually wanted me to take of one of him eating Claire, but I talked him out of it.

Lorenzo handed me a piece of paper from school this evening. He explained, "On Wednesday, (next Wednesday) we all need to go to Parker's Park and walk to school together, and there will be a lite breakfast served." I couldn't help but laugh when he told be about the "lite breakfast" at least you can see that he was listening to the teacher as she read the note. He cracks me up!

My little porcupine!

Tonight Lorenzo was sitting on the couch looking at his dinosaur book. Jason was being silly asked Lorenzo, "Why do you smell like a porcupine?" Lorenzo responded, "Because I'm a porcupine boy." He then paused and said, "You're right, I do smell like a porcupine!"

Jason has been a very hard worker both at home and at work. Today he got an amazing compliment from his boss. Faye told Jason that when she was doing the interviews back in June for his now position she was hoping to get someone good, and that he has far exceeding her expectations and would love to start giving him more responsibilities and opportunities. Yeah Jason!!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Random thoughts from a Monday

Lorenzo thought the message from Santa was great. He got so excited that Santa saw his pictures that he started to draw him some more. I'll post them when I have a minute to scan them in.

So today was just your typical Monday. Claire and I went grocery shopping while Lorenzo was at school. Lorenzo went over to Garion's house to play for a few hours which was nice for me, I was able to continue the work on my Chirstimas cards while Claire napped.

Speaking of Christmas cards how ambitious am I? I have set a goal for myself to sell 50 sets of 5 Christmas Cards and 75 occasional cards at the Pumpkin Walk. HOLY COW, what am I thinking? That is a total of 325 cards I need to make by Oct. 19th. I have all my paper and supplies all over the kitchen table, today Lorenzo asked me. "When are you going to be done with your crafts so you can clean up your messy table?" So Lorenzo, it won't be for a couple more weeks. From all the cutting I have gotten scissor hand, I have permanent markings/dent on my thumb now. It will all be worth it right?? Power of positive thinking- if I make them they will sell! :o)

I'm a bit bummed. I have that little scratchy stinging thing going on in my throat. Ahhh!! I hate this "sick" time of the year. Every year I get colds that keep turning into sinus infections. They seem to be never ending. Last spring I was on antibiotics 3 or 4 times in 3 months. I learned about nasal cleansing and that is how I finally healed, lets see if I can be antibiotic free this year!