Thursday, June 5, 2008

Birthday Boy!!!

Can you believe that Lorenzo turned 6 years old TODAY! (side note: It is also the 6th anniversary of Elizabeth Smart's disappearance)

Lorenzo is such a ham and handful, it has been a long 6 years, but it has also flown by so fast! Lorenzo has graduated from Kindergarten and is greatly anticipating the 1st grade. He can't wait to have more recess time and eat lunch at school. I don't think he quite realizes that going to school 6.5 hours verses 2.5 hours doesn't quite classify as more recess! :o)

Lorenzo still LOVES/is obsessed with Star Wars, but now he has added Indiana Jones to the equation. He is definitely ALL boy! He talks about both of these things virtually all day everyday. We just got all new windows on Tuesday, and he talked the poor installers' ears off about Indiana Jones. I honestly think Lorenzo could see he had an occupied/captive audience and took full advantage of it! :o)

Lorenzo is LOVING t-ball. We have had a rainy season and have already had to have 3 games cancelled due to rain, bummer for him but great for the water bill! :o)

We sure do love this little guy and would definetly have a boring existence without him... :o)

Lorenzo got to go to the movies with my sister today. They went and saw Hoot. The movie theater has a summer movie program where you can go to 10 older movies for $1 each, she had an extra ticket and took the birthday boy!

Tomorrow we will have a small party for Lorenzo. I wasn't going to do a party for him this year, but came across a very low maintance MOVIE themed party. I decided to go ahead and give it a go. We'll watch Alvin and the Chipmunks downstairs with popcorn, licorice, soda and other fun treats. I made little Popcorn bags to send the party favors home in, such as mini popcorn bags, candies and capri suns. The invites were Admit One tickets that I made in one of my computer programs. I think it will end up being fun.