Sunday, June 27, 2010

The kiddos are growing up!!!

Lorenzo age 8...getting ready to be baptized!!

Claire is already SIX years old!!

Miss Delia is turning TWO on Wednesday!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

One YEAR oLDer and WiseR tOo!!

So EIGHT years ago today at 10:37am Lorenzo Abbot was born! Boy have the years flown by ever since. He is a great little man that really does try to do his best in all he does. He is very curious and busy...but that is what keeps me on my toes! :o)
He just finished up the 2nd grade yesterday and is moving on up to 3rd grade next year. He is also so excited to be baptized in July and join cub scouts next week.

We LOVE you buddy!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Teacher gifts...

So I found a cute idea that I added to for Teacher gifts this year...

Popcorn bucket was found by the microwave pop corn at Walmart. I bought 2 boxes of theater candy and threw in some small bags of Twizzlers. I added a "Things To Do" checklist, and a little money for pizza and a movie. It all goes along nicely with the A&W with the note.

Dry Erase Things To Do list
I bought one of those 5x7 frameless picture holders with the little stand in back. Cut out some cute scrapbook paper to be 5x7. Made a "Things To Do" checklist and printed it on cardstock and attached to the scrapbook paper. Slip the checklist into the picture holder. Using glue dots I attached some ribbon and a flower w/rhinestone center.

Little Caesars man I printed from online cut a slit in his mouth, glued to a piece of cardstock leaving a pocket for the money to slip into and cut out around him.

I LOVE my cricut and SCAL software...the sky is the limit with them. I re-created the redbox logo and cut it out of white vinyl. I attached it to a 2.5"x3.5" piece of red cardstock. I cut a little curve into the red cardstock, glued around the edges and added it to some white cardstock with a curved out end and made sure to leave a pocket for the $1.

Confessions of a DORK!!

So I guess sometime last year when I was blogging more faithfully I changed my comments to have to be approved by me before publishing (don't remember doing that, but I guess i did.). So I kinda stopped blogging because I didn't think anyone was even checking it anymore since I never saw comments on my posts...sniff, sniff. So today I decided to blog, and discovered there were almost 60 comments awaiting approval for publishing from over the year, some from March of 2009! YOU ALL DO LOVE ME :o) So alas I will start blogging more religiously...I hate to disappoint!