Saturday, May 2, 2009

Should I be scared or proud???

So now that the weather is nice, it is almost time for gardening! We are trying to get and keep our garden area in the back yard free from weed...aren't we all?!? The kids get to help with this responsibility. We give them a plastic bag and they have the choice of $.10 a pound or 10 minutes of video games a pound. We're not out to make them RICH!! :o) So today, Lorenzo chose to get 10 minutes of video games per pound. After about 15 minutes (weed picking done in-between playing) he shows me how much he had done...eyeballing I guessed about 1 lb or 10 minutes. He decided to keep going...more playing with a bit more weed picking, 10 minutes later, the bag is still about the same. Impatient, he rolled his eyes, said "this will take FOREVER!" Suddenly all happy-go-lucky he comes back inside and proclaims..."I think this heavy bag will be like 100 minutes!" Wow, that was fast! He wanted to get down the scale and do it himself, but I took his grubby, muddy hands off my clean cabinets and got the scale myself. I took his bag that hadn't changed much in size since the first round and noticed it was abnormally HEAVY! I hesitantly say "to my surprise" because nothing that boy does surprises me, I found at the bottom of his bag a few descent sized rocks and a few handfuls of dirt. I'm not sure if I should be scared that he is so deceitful or proud of his intuitiveness! Needless to video game privileges were earned today!