Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving Day!

Turkey drumsticks! YUMMY :o)

This cute picture is courtesy of Lloyd's daughter Amber! Thanx!
More to come!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Santa's little helpers!!

Jason found this website last night, we love it!


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Our little Star!!

I just wanted to post pictures from Lorenzo's debut performance at his kindergarten Thanksgiving Program! He did so well and was just a cute little pilgrim! (check back later when Jason puts up some video of the program!)
Lorenzo nailed his poem that he had rehearsed time and again! Happy Thanksgiving, hooray hooray hooray! Aren't you glad that you're not a turkey on Thanksgiving Day! He practiced it with some actions and did most of them, but I think he was focusing a bit much on the microphone!

We are heading up to Evanston this afternoon to have Thanksgiving with Grandma Dorene and Grandpa Lloyd. We will post pictures of the yummy feast and good times when we get back!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Grandma Dorene!!

Today is Grandma Dorene's birthday!!! We love you, have a great day!!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Oh what clever kids!

You can teach an old Tooth Fairy new tricks!

So Lorenzo comes in the family room Wednesday evening smiling. He told us that he was going to play a trick on the Tooth Fairy. He said that he put a penny under his pillow to see what the Tooth Fairy would do. "Lightbulb moment!" When I was sixteen I had some teeth pulled and for some morbid reason I have held on to these teeth. When Lorenzo was asleep I took the penny and put the tooth in it's place! He was so shocked the next morning and begged me to let him take it to school. Claire thought his "bone" was so "cool" too.

When Lorenzo came home from school he put the tooth under his pillow to return it to the Tooth Fairy. I asked him if he thought she would give him his penny back. He said he hoped she gave him a toy like she gave this kid at school. I told him she was too tiny to carry toys, but he insisted she had a wand and could zap a toy. "Lightbulb moment!" Jason had requested a free lego helicopter toy from some free website and we hadn't given it to Lorenzo yet and I could give him that. Seeing that Lorenzo would see this experience very profitable and would likely repeat it, I typed up a note letting him know the Tooth Fairy was too busy to come to his home again unless he lost a real tooth and put it under his pillow along with the helicopter. I put some stickers under Claire's pillow so she wasn't left out. They thought the whole thing was awesome!!

Way to go Tooth Fairy!!

Lorenzo never ceases to bring a smile to my face...most of the time!

Wednesday night we went to our very first parent/teacher conference! Lorenzo is doing really well in all his subjects, but is having a tinsy bit of touble listening to the teacher...I feel her pain! :o) She said he is a joy to have in class, he cracks her up...big surprise, and adds a lot to the class. She then told me that when Lorenzo is waiting after school for me to pick him up, he always tells her that he is waiting for his "taxi" to pick him up. She said she asked him if it was that big blue taxi and he said it was. I guess I need one of those "Mom's taxi service" bumper stickers!

We got Lorenzo's school pictures back, his teacher said she had to peek at them and they made her smile because they were "Sooo Lorenzo" ultra cheesy!! Unfortunately they sent us the wrong package and we have to request the missing photos, bug!!

Roadtrippen to Draper and the IKEA adventures:

I have been on the hunt for a cute little table and chair set for Claire to go with her kitchen she is getting for Christmas. I found a cute little pink table on but would still need chairs. After talking with my dad about making some chairs to match I decided it wouldn't be any cheaper than buying a set. So I took the to and seriously found the perfect Disney Princess table w/2 chairs for $20.00 out in Draper. I called the lady and made arrangements to pick them up Tuesday afternoon. We got out to her place and the table and chairs were in awesome condition and she had a perfect condition Disney Princess sleeping bag that I got for $7.00! As we left her place I realized that I had to go to the bathroom PRONTO and decided to make a pitstop at IKEA. I swear that IKEA needs a sign on the door warning not to enter if you do not have atleast 1 1/2 hour to spend, that is how long it took us to roam the store, it is so big that it actually has arrows on the floor to help you find the EXIT.

We had dinner at my mom's and dad's, yummy hamburgers with ALL the fixins. Mom and Dad let us take a huge portion of their butternut squash about 15 or so! I LOVE squash. When it was time to go, Claire threw herself on the ground and played dead, complete with eyes closed and tongue haning out, we all busted up laughing, what a character! When we left Lorenzo said that he wanted to drive home with Dad, Jason met us at Mom's and Dad's after work. Claire then decided that she wanted to go with Dad too, I was totally okay with the prospect of a quiet drive home, but then sweet little Lorenzo decided that he did not want me to drive home alone and insisted to come with me. My little tender heart! :o)

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Where to start??

Sorry it has been a month since I posted. For awhile there in October Jason and I were over at my sister's a lot helping to get her house in moving condition. With almost 10 kids, they are in need of more space!

Soon we'll be FIVE!!

Well, first things first, we found on Saturday, Oct 27th that we are finally having baby #3!!! We are soooo excited. Lorenzo is convinced that it will be a boy baby, Claire is just so excited that she doesn't care if it a boy baby or girl baby. Both Jason and I feel that it is probably a boy, but a girl would be equally as exciting! This baby is due early July just like Claire. We'll see if it comes early giving us yet another June baby!

SPOOKY and Fun filled October!

Our Den: Cooper Wolfley, Xander Kinsey, Martha Johansen
Brennan Wozab, Noah Brite, Ian Vokt, Nate Johansen, Renzo
Riley Jensen and Claire

Boy was our October packed full of F-U-N!! I'm one of the Bear den leaders in our ward so of course we have many adventures with 9 9year boys! On Oct 11th we had scheduled to go to a JV football game at Tooele High to pass off the Sports achievement, but when we got there we found out that they had changed the schedule and the game and been played the day before. Lucky for us on our way home, we found a swim meet in progress that we were able to watch. It was quite a coincidence to see that it was between Tooele High and Copper Hills, my alma mater!! I had a hard time deciding who to cheer for, so I just decided to cheer for whom ever won!

Carnival O' Fun!

On October 12th we went to Lorenzo's school Halloween Carnival. The kids were so excited to sport their costumes and start Halloween 2 weeks early. Claire was a beautiful...can you guess...PRINCESS and Lorenzo was a karate ninja. The kids had fun playing on the blow-up bouncy toys outside and playing the little games inside. And of course what is a carnival without cotton candy? I believe I once saw on a package of cotton candy that a serving size is "bigger than your head." Looks like Claire and Lorenzo got their recommended serving for the day! :o)

Pumpkin walk or was it Pumpkin FLOP!!

All my hard work, many hours and multiple paper cuts all lead up to this day, Oct. 19th, the Pumpkin Walk. I wish I could say it was a HUGH success and that Jason is now retired, but not so much. I sold a total of, are you ready for this?, 3 cards. No, I did not forget any zeros, and no I did not even use one complete set of fingers. Needless to say, I was bummed! You no it isn't a good sign when you come home with more cards than you went with. To help pass the time I made a few cards, four to be exact, and seeing that I only sold 3, you do the math! The kids however had a blast, they played in the maze with their friend Preston Johnson, and even took a hayride, and Claire played in the little tee pee on display. I ended up packing up a bit before 7:00pm to head home, it officially ended at 9:00, but stick a fork in me, I was DONE. The weather on the 20th was bad, and I did not go back the second day, but it wasn't the crummy weather that kept me away.

Anyone in need of some cute Christmas and other occasional cards? I'm pretty sure I know where you can get some! :o)

Ward Trunk or Treat:

Sheri, Kayson, Shaylee, Marick and Makinzy came for the weekend of the 27th. Sheri and I had to run to Les Schwab to get a new tire, since unfortunately she got a flat on the way down. Bummer! They were able to come with us to our ward Trunk or Treat activity. We all had so much fun, and the kids got way too much candy! We had dinner there, it was a chili cook off! Yummy!! The kids all slept down in the basement, Lorenzo and Claire were up until 11:00 pm with the others already asleep. Claire ended up getting tucked into bed in her room for the night and Lorenzo finally fell asleep too. We had a nice Sunday, Lorenzo's teacher sure had her hands full with 3 visitors! Sorry!! We had delicious lasagna that Sheri made for us and then celebrated Jason's 29th birthday. We had strawberry shortcake, his favorite! Sheri was so kind and bought some of my card supply! Thank you, thank you!!

Creepy food for Halloween!

In the second picture, Claire is saying "goblin guts" in her spookiest of voices!

Lorenzo is saying "Monster fangs!"

For Halloween I made our traditional breakfast of gooey Goblin guts with blood, ghost toast, boo juice & monster fangs. For lunch we had slimy pumpkin sandwhiches, blood soup and eyeballs! Doesn't that just make you hungry thinking about it?!?

Echo location:

In kindergarten, leading up to Halloween, Lorenzo learned about bats. They made this adorable bat out of an old black sock. The following is what Lorenzo told us about bats.

"Bats use echo location because they don’t have big eyes, they have littler eyes than most animals even they can hear better than us because they have bigger ears even that they hang upside down. Echo location tells them that if they go boink to the wall then they have to go someplace else. Vampire bats drink blood and stay up in the night and sleep during the day they kill animals that kill our plants and that they eat insects that eat our plants and that bite you."

There you have it. Hopefully it doesn't take you a month to read down this far, but if it does, maybe you'll be finished in time for my next post!! Ha Ha! I'll try to be more consistent in the future!