Monday, August 24, 2009

First day of SCHOOL!!

I think the kids look so cute in their little uniforms!! Claire is trying to patiently wait for PM kindergarten to start...she is watching Ice Age right now...Delia wanted to join in all the first day of school fun so I gave her Lorenzo's backpack from last is as big as she is!!
Lorenzo is in the 2nd grade and has Mr. Lennox...he is so excited to have a "BOY" teacher!! He says he loves his name, his hair color and his glasses!!!
Claire is starting kindergarten with Mrs. Soto...she is so excited for school to start!
What will mommy do with 3 hours to herself? (hopefully Delia will nap!!) The possibilities are endless!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

All the projects I've been working on...

Pardon my absense for the last little while. Summer is always crazy with kids and projects!! So here is a glimps of what I have been up to...

Claire's Room

This is the lovely paint job done by previous owners...the triangles were never finished on the fourth wall.

I painted the top of her room a really pale lavedar color and then the bottom half is an off white.
Jason did the baseboards, my dad came and helped figure out how to do the chair rail on the reall bowed wall we have...and then I did the rest...yes the miter saw, nail gun and I are really good friends now. The miter saw was even so kind as to let me keep ALL my fingers!! :o)

Another angle of Claire's room. My dad had built her shelf a few years back. He and I also cut out the letters in her name.

You can't really tell it this picture but I put up trim around her windows and a window sill. Completes the look!

Delia's Room

I didn't get any before pictures of Delia's room because I wasn't planning on doing it so soon. But my mother-in-law was so brave to take all three kids over Pioneer Day weekend, so I hurried and got her room painted while she was away. It is a very, very pale green color...doesn't translate too well on the computer...but is it very soothing. Best of all it was FREE, my mom and dad had an extra can from when they painted my dad's office...makes the color that much more awesome!!

1970's dresser my oldest sister had growing up...

same dresser with a fresh coat of semi-gloss swiss coffee and some new hardware!! VIOLA!

Now to finish her room I am making a cute little bow organizer out of an old frame, white paint, cardboard, fabric and to follow!