Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My haircut!

So I know there are not many pictures of me on the blog. Don't be surprised, but that is actually by design! :o) However, this post will contain 2 pictures of me, can you believe it? I got tired of my long hair and decide to take the plunge and get a haircut. Now I came to a dilema, who do I go to?? I asked people for suggestions on where to go and I got so many mixed reviews. After one month of debating on where to go, I finally just got it cut. What do you think??

So would you believe me if I told you I cut my hair MYSELF?!? I figured if I goofed up too bad I could always go to a professional for repairs. My only problem is I keep snipping a bit off each day. Jason fears that when he gets back from Kansas City I will be bald! I have declared my haircut done and will not let myself cut anymore...well atleast not big amounts! :o)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Playing catch up!

Well, it has been a while since I have posted. What a busy few days we have had. (Side note, I added some pictures to older posts; Easter Celebration and Sick and Tired)

Jason is gone this week to Kansas City. We miss him, especially since the weather is fairly decent this week and it is perfect yardwork time! :o) We did however work in the yard on Saturday, we rented a cultivator to help break up all this stinky rocky dirt we have. We pulled out the pine bushes in the front and I started prunning/sawing the hedges in the back to clean up the look. This poor yard was very neglected!

After nearly 3 months since the accident and 2 weeks in the shop, my van is as good as new! Apparently the autobody shop painted all the pieces before piecing it back together and when they put the new panel on it was off by 1/2 inch so they had to redo everything again. I guess in auto work the saying should be "Measure twice, paint once!" :o) The shop ended up paying for the extra 4 days of car rental for me, so I really don't have anything to complain about!

Lorenzo has started T-ball for the season. He is doing really well in it, it helps that Daddy loved T-ball/baseball growing up. Jason is actually the Assistant Coach for his team, the Royals. We'll have to post the game schedule once we get it for all of you faithful Lorenzo supporters! :o)

Friday, April 4, 2008

Random events and happenings.

So last night I was only up for 1 hour, so I got about 6 hours of sleep, Yeah!! I still have my nighttime cough and sore throat but feel pretty well during the day, I just have no voice.

Lorenzo is quite the LADY'S MAN, heaven help us all! When I helped out in his classroom on Tuesday, this little girl Kate came up to me and said, "I'm Lorenzo's girlfriend, I have a crush on him, my name is Katherine Marie Jackson." I was dying in side laughing! Then another little girl came up and said, "Do you remember me, I'm Sanovia, I used to be Lorenzo's boyfriend (she meant girlfriend)." Oh no! This boy is only 5 and he has had more girlfriends in his short life then I had boyfriends by the time I was married!! Ha Ha!! :o)

Our van is finally in the shop this week getting fixed from the Walmart incident back in January. I had a rental car for a few days, but luckily Jason and his office partner car pool and Dean drove yesterday and today. The car was supposed to be fixed yesterday but wasn't, here's hoping it is done today!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sick and tired of being SICK and TIRED!!

The day after Easter, Jason was off to Vegas for work. I just never quite did get a real chance to unwind from our trip! Jason will be off again to Kansas City on April 14th thru the 18th, I'm dubbing myself the "Brown-widow" get it, UPS, brown, brown-widow! HeeHee!!

Last week around Thursday, Claire developed croup and was up during the night several nights in a row. One night she came in around 1:30 am, and told me, "I can't bureave (breathe)." So I got up with her and sat in a steamy bathroom for about 30 minutes. Then Saturday evening it hit me, I have had a really bad sore throat, no not strep, and a painful and annoying cough. Claire and I had to miss church on Sunday, Jason spoke in sacrament, so I was sad I had to miss it.

Sunday night I got all of 2 hours of sleep, Tuesday morning I was up by 3:00 am and this morning I was up at 5:00 am. I am so tired, but everytime I lay down, the cough gets worse. Needless to say I am POOPED!!

Sunday night we played a game of Go Fish at Lorenzo's request. This little boy is INTENSE when he plays games. I know it is typical for kids to want to always win, but Lorenzo takes it to a new extreme. Here are just a few of the funny things he said during the game.

After giving up a few of his cards to both Jason and I, he got mad and said, "This game is so... I don't want to say a naughty word!"

He had all his cards all in dissaray, I asked him for a card, he quickly looked at his hand and told me to "go fish." I asked how he knew what cards he had with them all jumbled up, he simply replied, "I am wise."

When the game was coming to an end, Lorenzo was clearly winning, but Jason ended up getting a match with one of Lorenzo's card. Lorenzo bursts out, "This is WAY LAME!!"

How to teach a 5 year old to be a gracious loser, or winner in this case!?!