Friday, October 31, 2008

Pardon my absence

I know many of you have missed me, and those of you that haven't, well probably don't even check my blog, so there you have it. Anyway this LONG post is dedicated for all you missers of ME!! So go raid your kids Halloween Loot and enjoy! Not that I do or anything!

Where have I been, you ask. I have been dusting off all my Mother of the Year awards and making room for 2008's! Oh, no wait, that wasn't me, never mind. The true answer would be actually quite boring so I will just move right along to the kids school Halloween Carnival.

School Carnival

Lorenzo's school had their annual Halloween Festival on October 3rd. We had a fun time again this year! We played the little games as usual, this year Claire won the "top prize" on three of them and walked away with a stuffed pink snake, blue alligator and fuchsia fuzzy dice! Lorenzo also won a "top prize" and chose a dinosaur figurine whose head and arms fall apart when you push a button, tre cool!! The kids had fun on the ginormous bouncy toys on the playground. This year the school sold individual tickets and "unlimited bands" that allowed you do go on the bouncy toys as much as you wanted so the lines were extremely long, so Lorenzo went on the skater slide once and Claire chose the bouncy house. Q: And what's a Halloween Festival without the cotton candy that is as big as your head? A: Don't know, because we all had one!! :o) I dressed Delia up in a warm snuggly Winnie the Pooh jammie thinking we would be outside a lot, we actually headed indoors after about 15 minutes, so the poor thing cooked in it and got very irritable toward the end of it. Can't say that I blame her!

Dwyers come to town

My sister Marianne and her family came to visit the second week of October from Omaha. It was great seeing all of them since it has been over 2 years since the last time we got to see them. Claire, Emily and Ashley had a blast with each other being princesses, playing house and being thrown in the air by Uncle Daryl. Lorenzo had a great time with Daniel Scott, even though he kept calling him Jacob, crazy kid!!

Sauerkraut Dinner

October 25 we went up to the Sauerkraut Dinner in Providence, UT. (just outside of Logan) Sheri had reserved me a booth there to take another stab at selling my cards, and flower clips. I don't know if you remember but I went a little overboard last year when I went to the Pumpkin Festival last October and made 50 sets of Christmas cards and then a couple hundred misc. cards and sold a WHOPPING none!! :o) So things could only progress this year right?!? And I am pleased to say that they did, we had a 100% increase in sales...for all you mathematicians out there that means we sold ONE whole card!! No one really sold much, except for the jewelry people. Oh well, at least I have a 10 year supply of Christmas cards. Why are you laughing? I'm serious! The dinner was so YUMMY the turkey practically melted in your mouth, the stuffing was awesome and the sauerkraut was...skipped by me, Jason loved it! There was an incredible balloon man there that could literally make ANYTHING!! Lorenzo had tazer gun made, Claire a princess crown and me, Jason surprised me with a turtle...a TMNT that is, I think it was Rafael. How thoughtful and romantic is he!! Oh, I forgot to mention that Jason and I shared a brainless moment together. We had our suitcase all packed with church clothes, toiletries, Delia's clothes etc... there it was packed and laying on our bed, and there it stayed, packed and laying on our bed. Oops! :o) We made due, borrowed clothes, luckily Sheri had 4 extra toothbrushes and all was well and a fun time was had.

Okay, you're almost can do it!! Take a moment and restock your candy raid and come right back.

Happy Birthday Jason

Jason had hit the big 30 on Oct. 29th. I can't really tease him about being "over the hill", "half way dead" or any of those "old" jokes seeing that I beat him to the punch line last December. Oh well, welcome to the "other side" of the hill old man!! :o) I bought ticket to Hale Center Theater for Into the Woods back in March and was able to keep my grande mouth shut about the surprise for 7 months, I am so good at secret keeping! If any of you out there with a secret you are dying to tell, you've got a secret with me!! ;o)

4 months and counting

Miss Delia Grace turned 4 months yesterday. I CAN NOT believe how fast time has flown by since she was born. I must use the proverbal saying that I truly can not remember nor imagine life with out her. She is such a doll, an amazingly wonderful baby. She sleeps through the night, eats great and is so happy and fun!!! Finally I was given an "inocent by stander" rather than ANOTHER drama king/queen, I just pray I don't have to eat my words in the future!! She went in today for her 4 month well check and shots...Happy Halloween to Delia! She did great, she weighs 15 lbs and is 24 1/2" long. What a big girl she is!! We will be starting her on gourmet rice cereal in the next few days, YUM-O!!

Halloween day!

Now here we are, finally to today! Jason had the day off and spent it ripping out our chain link fence, at least on one side of the house. Our lovely HOA is starting to bug about our fence that has been up for YEARS and put in by the orginal owners 8 years ago...BLAHH!!! We also had a first today...wait for it...we carved our first pumpkin!! How LAME are we, married 8 years, have 3 kids and have never carved a pumpkin prior to today!?! It turned out quite cute and we may just repeat this activity in the future. See you can teach an old girl new tricks!! :o) I took the kids T or T'ing, first we stopped by our neighbors home for a little Twilight Halloween gathering. We had some yummy chili and treats and were off on our Loot collection. Lorenzo was a zombie ninja and Claire was a barbie maripoza princess courtesy of Gma Melanie's birthday present. Holy cow did they get a TON of candy, so much that I had to carry their bags because they were "TOO HEAVY" I think I earned a 20% commission if you ask me ;o)

Well, tomorrow starts the beginning of Christmas music on the radio!! Hall-le-lu-iah!!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Our adventures in Providence...

On September 26th we headed up to Providence for Shaylee's 6th birthday party. We were able to take the new Legacy Parkway which made it smooth sailing! We got there about 5:45 pm and was able to have PIZZA and Yummy TREATS. Sheri's neices and nephews were over and the kids had a great time playing. Jason even ventured out and they all played Ghost in the Graveyard and KICK the CaN. A great time was had by all the "kids!" Claire, Shaylee, Rachel and Grandma Sheri STUFFED the pinata full of candy, I think it ended up weighing 10 lbs!! :o)
Jason, Delia and I slept out in the trailer. When we went to bed it was fine outside, but during the night temperatures DROPPED and poor Delia was not dressed effiently, but like a little trooper she still slept through the night even in the cold air and in her porta crib. We had fun the next day at Shaylee's party. The kids got spoiled with lots of candy, and cute party favors. They were able to decorate cupcakes that were made by Chef Kayson! The kids LOVED swinging in the GIGANTIC tree swing they have in the backyard. It was a great time in Providence!

Friday, October 3, 2008

It's the pits!!!

Claire is a little silly goose! She has this thing about "pits." She obviously knows what arm pits are, well her thought is, if arms have pits then legs must too! When she washes herself in the tub she always cleans her "leg pits" behind her knees. The other day Claire asked me, "what are these?' pointing to the corners of her mouth. I told her they were the corners of your mouth, she said "No, these!" pointing at the same place. I tried again with "skin? lips? mouth?" She promptly told me, "No, they are mouth pits!" So there you go, a bit of anatomy for you all! :o)