Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Frozen breakfast ideas!

Breakfast burritos:

(makes 14 or you can stuff them more and get 12)
12 ct large eggs ($.99)
1 lb sausage bits (I use Honeysuckle White turkey breakfast links, and squeeze the meat out of their casing) ($2.42)
1/2 lb bacon bits (I use Lois Rich turkey bacon and cut into bit size pieces before cooking) ($1.25 for 1/2 lb)
8 oz shredded cheese ($1.25)
12-14 flour tortillas ($1.25)

Only $0.50 a piece if you make 14!!!

Cook sausage and chopped bacon in a hot skillet, can use a TB of butter/margarine to help prevent sticking. When sausage and bacon are cooked all the way through add in the 12 eggs cook all ingredients together until eggs are done stirring/scrambling often. Add shredded cheese in and mix through. When assembling burritos, microwave tortillas 2 at a time for 10-20 secs to help with flexibility while folding. Place some egg mixture into center of tortilla, fold up bottom 1/3 of tortilla over mixture, then fold in both ends and fold up final 1/3. Place burrito onto a square of foil and fold foil around burrito using same folding method. Freeze. Pull burritos out the night before un-wrap the foil and then re-wrap it loosely, this should prevent burrito from sticking to foil when it is cooked. Place in fridge to allow it to thaw a bit. Cook in preheated 350 degree oven for about 30 minutes or until warmed through.

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